A record has been set: Khardung La

Tuesday, 8 June 2010. Was up by 7am staring at the sky. It was gloomy and there was a sign that it was going to be stormy too.

Went downstairs and warmed Lil G. To go or not to go? My permit was only valid for a day. Out for breakfast hoping that the weather would eased on me. It was not getting any better but it was not raining so off I went with Lil G. By 9.30am, we were already riding uphill. Nice and superb view…breathtakingly beautiful.

But the moment was short-lived, the snow storm came rushing in. Talk about having fun, eh. The storm stayed awhile but the snow kept pouring down all the way. Surprisingly, Lil G was purring with pure relaxation in the weather. As long as  her engine is warm, she is running smoothly without hiccup. Ride lasted for about one and a half good hour to the top.

Yes, we’ve made it! We have reached the summit of Khardung La!

The summit was jam-packed with tourists and locals alike, so, it was not easy to get a spot for us. We were trying so hard to squeeze ourselves in-between the crowds and traffics. But we managed, haha, I had to pull my stomach in.

My shoes was already wet and freezing; trying to walk on numb feet in the snow seems funny to me. I am so not geared for this but hey, I’m already here! I am not going to mope about my numb feet and not enjoying the moment.  I had fun taking pictures and waited for the right moment before I finally got G to pose for history.


I am the 1st Malaysians to made it here solo on a Malaysian-made bike. Others may have made it and said they made it big. Big bikes, yes. In a group, yes. Solo on a Malaysian-made Kapcai? Hardly so…

Had some moments with her on the top and as usual, people asking the same typical questions. How much, how fast. Guess I better print some t-shirts with details on it. Hahaha…this reminds me Forrest Gump’s ‘Shit happens’ bumper sticker.

Oh well, then it was time to head down. Weather was not getting better. We rode very slowly and cautiously as the road was very slippery and icy. Took more than 2 hours to descend. Glad that both of us were in a very good condition. None had any problem.

I was one hungry and cold man. Reached Leh late afternoon and headed for a meal. I feasted a bit, you know. Had good food and good coffee to celebrate the achievement. Good lunch and dessert too.

It’s really satisfying to be able to do this feat for my country, even though without at least a corporate sponsor. Even without the manufacturer of the bike, who has choose to remain silent. Still. It has been almost 2 months that I sent a proposal letter. I am giving up with the thought that my letter might have ended at the recycling center and is in the process to be made as toilet rolls. Ah well…at least I tried.

I tried at least.

Went back to my room, changed my clothing and later headed to a cybercafe to empty my memory cards. Man, how I wish I have my own laptop to do my transfer and editing. Doing everything in a cybercafe is so not it; with the slow PC, the virus and what not…it takes me forever to upload. Three hours at the cybercafe and all I managed to upload was few pictures and a video. Went for dinner and headed back to my room.

The rain came again, this time with heavier drops. I now need a good sleep and plan for the next ride.

Nitey nite, people. Khoda Hafez.

Enjoy the pics and video!

52 thoughts on “A record has been set: Khardung La”

  1. Congratulations!!! Am so proud of you & lil G. You make happy to call myself a Malaysian. I am sure the lone ranger from Malaysia on his kapchai bike will become a legend in these parts. How wld lil G feel about that? 🙂 Anyways drive safe and even tho it takes hours to upload at cafe – do it! Cause we are reading & cheering you on here.


  2. syabas bro hadi!
    wow…thats another one step achievement !!
    can’t imagine how u ride that “kapchai” tru’ the snowy and icy roads!!!

    proud to be Malaysian like you!

    yours truly follower & supporter


  3. syabas inspector shahab,satu lagi rekod telah dicipta.Walaupun takde corporate sponsor kamu berjaya lakukannya,pasrah jelah.Pemandangannya memang superb!teruskan update.


  4. Syabas bro.

    “My shoes was already wet and freezing; trying to walk on numb feet in the snow seems funny to me” – u break a record here

    “berkaki ayam dan ber***** ke MC Donald” another record here

    Take care bro


  5. saya ingin mengucapkan TAHNIAH kerana anda masih tidak putus asa untuk menunjukkan bahawa ORANG MALAYSIA bukan calang2 dan produk buatan MALAYSIA adalah KUALITI SETANDING PRODUK DI NEGARA LAIN.TERIMA KASIH KERANA MENJULANG NAMA MALAYSIA!!


  6. Well done Hadi! It’s not a matter of whether so many Malaysians are proud of you but i think the best reward is that you should be bloody proud of yourself! Cheering you on from home.


  7. ooyyeheellaaa !!!!!! really dont know how to express this feeling. May be VRRROOOOM VRROOOOM can do this, at least for lil G. For you bro, you are not riding alone, wishes & prayers r with you, ppl like you can’t b alone. GOD BLESS YOU


  8. Tgk gak ek forest gum.
    sponsor tu payah nak dpt kot? ye la mentaliti manusia kalau x berjaya mean xakan berjaya la kan..

    nyway we all ur supporter akan support dari awal smpai abes.
    akan ku jadi peminat setiamu. nak follow xmampu tp insyallah balik malaysia kitorang sambut..


  9. kdg2 sakit ati juga dgn Modenas ni..
    Klu buat iklan disuruhnya pentingkan semangat kebangsaan, produk Msialah..
    Belilah produk tempatan.. itu ini..

    Ini anak Msia satu2nya yg promote produknya xdipandang..

    Sedih betul..
    Xpe bro hadi, doa dan kuatkan semangat..


    1. Modenas?, itulah namanya typical Malaysian. Sponsor program reality yg tak beri milage pd product depa boleh tapi ni org kasi bawak dia punya product sampai atas gunung siap ada salji, travel berpuluh2 ribu kilometer dengan pelbagai keadaan cuaca yg extreme tapi tak mahu sponsor lagi. Apa punya mentality dia orang ni? Adakah mereka punyai masalah dalam berfikir? Kat mana letaknya logik diaorg ni?. Takat gaji besar dok kerusi empuk tapi simple logic pun takleh nak justify. Come on lah Modenas… Anak I yg sekolah rendah pun tanya ‘kenapa modenas tak nak sponsor uncle Hadi? Kan uncle hadi promote bawak motor modenas pegi luar negara. Org yg nyanyi2 tu bukan ada buat apa2 pun kat motor modenas.

      Modenas tak malu wek wek..!


      1. Sebab tu MODENAS hanya mampu jd jaguh kampung..
        Sebab yang duk pegang jwtn besar, xde wawasan lgsg..

        Plg hebat idea mktg mereka buat motor bercakap dlm AF.. hahahahhaa..lawok badut sungguh.. mcm katun..


  10. syabas modenas! eh salah2…. syabas bro hadi n lil g! mungkin semangat bro hadi n lil g yang buat bro berjaya mencipta rekod! bukan pembuat moto kot….. ahaks..anyways malaysia berbangga ngan bro.. go..go chaiyok!


  11. just throw your logo in the dustbin you arrogant modenas. i hope you management will read this. you don’t even deserve to create a great bike such as Lil G.

    This is a shame on you modenas. You don’t even feel proud of bro hadi’s excellent achievement.


  12. salam bro hadi
    tahniah dan teruskan usaha,salute to u
    aku baru sharekan link ni di FB aku dan minta semua buat mcm tu supaya terbuka sikit mata2 pihak yg berkenaan


  13. gorgon,
    raksasa manakah gerangan tuan hamba ni,sehingga tuan hamba mengenali hamba…..ekekekeke

    bro hadi teruskan usaha semoga berjaya


  14. Tak sangka modenas sendiri tergamak tanak sponsor ko Hadi.

    Aku harap nanti bila kau balik Malaysia, semua orang gila-gila celebrate kau then Modenas dengan muka tak malu nak salam, kau blah je. Biar satu Malaysia tengok.

    Kalau diorang tanya pesal, ko basuh cukup-cukup.

    Kalau aku la…


  15. Brother Hadi! Absolutely brilliant!!
    What a fantastic journey. One of my colleagues mentioned to me to check out your site. Truly inspiring!
    As many have commented already, we are cheering you on!!
    Ride safe and bring it home.

    To all others reading. Spread the word!


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