Thank you Lenovo.

Dear Lenovo,

It is sad and a tragedy that your laptop that you sold to me was faulty since the day I bought it. On my 3rd day of being the owner, I had to send it back for warranty claim.

You said sorry.

After the repair, your technical people had proudly said that it won’t be anymore problem. If it still does, I can get it fixed ANYWHERE on earth for FREE. But weeks ago, I had to ship it back to Malaysia at my own expenses because, again, it was faulty.

Again, you said sorry.

I sent it back on my own expenses and waited eagerly to get back on track with my work. But today is a total MAJOR disappointment, the laptop you sent back is badly bashed and broken.

Hello, are you sorry again?

Are you going to that it’s not your fault?

Will you ship another one to me?

If so, when and where?

Is it in London?

Is it going to be an empty laptop with just Windows OS inside?

Dear Lenovo,

Please know that the laptop that has been giving me problem since day one is my bread and butter. I hope you understand what I mean. I need it to put food on my table for this trip and pay for my roof over my head. Without it, I might soon have to call this ride off because I just can’t afford it anymore.

And of course, you are going to say that it’s not your fault again.

Please bear in mind too, the laptop is not just for the trip. It’s my ticket back to home too. My files are all in there. My trip files and important documents are in there. Everything related to this ride is in there; password, clearance, contact, links, copies of approval and border clearances. Basically, my whole world is in there.

In a plain five simple words, my life depends on it.

I need it urgently and it has been almost a month. Yes, I can read your thoughts, you are going to say that I should’ve backed them all up and have hard copies with me all the time. Are you asking me to print all the details of everything for 27 countries on papers and carry it with me? I am only riding a small bike not driving a truck.

It’s an opportunity lost for me all this time, so don’t let it be yours too.

Khoda Hafez.

Waiting here endlessly,
Hadi Hussien.

40 thoughts on “Thank you Lenovo.”

  1. my godness… what the hack happend… hope u get alternative which can backup you… my pray with u bro…


  2. Masya-Allah, That shouldn’t be happening..
    It’s not what people expect from Lenovo..
    Hope that they send you a new laptop instead of fixing this one.

    Good luck bro.


  3. uihhh….mcm mana bole jd ni?pecah lpas sevis atau lpas penghantaran ke sana?definitely ill be thinkin many times when i want to purchase lenovo items…


  4. ya allah..klu mcm ni pun levono xmau tanggungjawab kita bagi rakyat malaysia jgn guna jenama ni..namun demikian masalah vradaa hadi tak selesai jugak..:(


  5. Pihak pengurusan Lenovo pasti tidak mahu bertanggungjawab dengan alasan kerosakan yang dialami adalah disebabkan pihak penghantaran(logistic).Dia orang tak paham ke apa yang bro Hadi explain!!Klu macam ni kita boikot je Lenovo ni,Lenovo is suck!!


  6. Bravo Lenovo
    You’ve just added another BAD IMPRESSION to the name. OK I’ll speak malaylah..

    1) Orang yang bertanggungjawab dalam hal2 warranty tak cukup dedikasi dan buat kerja cukup2 sekadar tak dibuang kerja. Itu pasal Bro Hadi hadapi masalah warranty claim. Cakap ikut sedap mulut. Kenapa tak pastikan yang ‘worldwide warranty’ betul2 wujud dalam ertikata sebenar sejak dulu lagi dan tiap2 2 atau 3 bulan update status? Susah sangat ke nak hantar email ke semua negara yg ada jual brand korang ni (geli aku nak sebutlah nama brand korang ni) supaya dapat pastikan mereka tu betul2 boleh diharap. Bukan hanya untuk bro Hadi saja tapi untuk semua pelanggan korang tu. Korang tahu tak yg bebudak jual notebook tu ramai yg tak nak jual brand korang ni lagi dengan sungguh2? Sebut je brand korang ni diaorg naik meremang bulu roma. Aku yakin bro Hadi bukan org pertama hadapi masalah warranty dgn korang. Mungkin produk korang ni baguihla.. mungkinlah kan tapi masalah korang tu yg tak baguih..

    2) Orang yang buat bertanggungjawab dalam penghantaran terutamanya yang pack laptop sebelum dihantar tak fikir sesuatu yg diluar jangkaan. Senang kata buat kerja tak guna otak, macam lembu. Hanya sekadar ikut prosedur biasa dan tak ada inisiatif nak buat sesuatu yg lebih baik. Come on la.. korang deal dengan penghantaran satu dunia beb.. jgn cakapla ni insiden pertama barang rosak. Dulu lagi Pak Lah dah cakap.. fikir di luar kotak pemikiran tapi nak buat camner klau dah otak tak berapa nak cergas kan.. pergi balik kerja sekadar nak make sure punch card tak merah dan ada kedatangan. alah yang ada tu suruh kengkawan punchkan lagi.. nasiblah korang…

    Omputeh kata expect the unexpected.


  7. where r the stupid lenovo guy?
    should they respond?
    or should we boikot them?

    1 more.. where r MODENAS guy who supposedly monitored ur trip?


    1. ipad is way out of hadi’s budget la. saya setuju dengan alip, jika ada sesiapa yang sudi menaja, kami berbesar hati.


        1. hahah. myself can’t afford ipad.anyway hadi you should move acer or asus should be ok(which is on lower side of prices)
          keep us updated with your magnificient pics.I believe your admin should approach Tourism Malaysia to get sponsors and Modenas of course. At least you can have maybe major repairs at Modenas agent overseas. I heard that Modenas have agent in Greece.

          Anyway, congrats bro for making me believe everything is possible even with cubchai


          1. azamreeves, we’ve sent out proposals to all possible related potential sponsors, but none replies so far.


          2. how i wish bro.
            but cant do hd editing on such lappie.
            thats d prob actually. and from this part of the world.
            its more expensive

            my team in kl has done such a wonderful and excellent job.
            but then response from the said organisations or corp bodies.
            cant force them.
            they have the faith that this is posibble from the beginning?


          3. bro.sometimes most of the company can’t commit on cash sponsors.

            I’ve going to most places in Asia by bike and getting sponsors by using their product shouldn’t be a problem . Then why not asking for technical assistance.

            It will be a great help then money.


          4. thanks bro.
            in fact we did.
            they had a good laugh when they hear its a kapcai.
            and its a solo ride.
            they are so used to big bikes in group with tech support and back up car with team.
            so what can we say…..
            getting used to be laugh at.
            i am in Pakistan with their loud laugh.


  8. Damn it Lenovo….My regret I buy your laptop last month….I hope my laptop never crash like bro hadi does.because i knew now THE WARRANTY IS ONLY AN EMPTY WORD….

    ..Not again to use Lenovo and will not recomend for other to use that…..Better I use compaq if i know THIS IS YOUR SERVICE PROVIDED
    Now I better open ads before the warranty gone


  9. lepaih baca cerita Bro Hadi ni aku pun rasa meluat dengan brand ni. tambah kat paper ada buat sales promotion, aku jadi geli nak tengok page tu. apa saje alasan yang depa nak bagi depa boleh bagi tapi bottom line perbaiki yang tak baik!!!!


  10. For the recommended…choose ASUS…it is the best choice…walaupon service center nyer di Malaysia hanya menumpang kat bangunan dan bagaikan kedai2 kopi di lot kedai dan tidak sebesar service center Hewlett Packard(HP) dan lain2 tapi service nyer sangat membanggakan dan menyenangkan hati…ASUS is the best brand…setakat ni saya pakai notebook brand ASUS x pernah ada masalah langsung…


  11. Apa pon…harap bersabar……semoga dipermudahkan urusan…InsyaAllah…papehal selamatkan HARD DISK komputer tersebut…


  12. selamatkan hard disk tu..

    AKu rasa Msia ni pusat lambakan barangan dan syarikat xberkualiti..
    Kat luar negara, berani diorang buat camni.. kecuuuuttt…


  13. i have a lenovo, pun sama hampeh. cooling system sangat la kureng.

    it’s good to know that the lenovo people are following this development. tapi since they are not doing anything, let’s help them decide. kalau tak jalan jugak betullah diorang tak sayang customer. i for sure will never buy lenovo again, maybe if more people know about this and wont buy lenovo, it will hit them where it hurts and do some damage control.

    this is my suggestion, minta the admin start one of those electronic petition (example for lenovo to either solve hadi’s problem or send a replacement. pass the info and link around to all our friends and CC to lenovo, to customer service, communications and someone higher in the ranks. we have facebook and twitters, we should utilise this. also for the admin to update in the papers/website how many signatures they have received. after a while hopefully they will take this seriously.

    power to the people!


  14. Dear Mr. Hadi,

    Let us begin by saying that we are supportive of your journey from Malaysia to London on the IAMALAYSIAN program.

    Having been in regular contact with you, we understand the many challenges you have faced in getting to this stage of your journey.

    Though it might seem like we are very distant, we feel like we have shared some part of your journey where we helped to:

    • Facilitate a quick warranty check and provided technical advice to ship your original notebook to us for service

    • Brief and prepare the service center to treat your repair job as a critical priority

    • Repair your original notebook and secured a replacement notebook to be put on standby as well as arranged for an international courier company to send the notebook out, all within one day.

    • Shipped your original notebook to your location in Srinagar, India

    Unfortunately, even being the global company you recognize us to be, we were unable to influence Malaysian Customs to not detain your original notebook and we were unable to prevent an international courier company from damaging the notebook we rushed to repair.

    However, we are doing our best even now, to try and give you a positive customer experience. Sringnar, the city you were last at in India experienced riots the day you left (we are glad that you left safely) and we have been in constant contact with the international courier company to securely send your damaged notebook back to us so that we can swap hard-disks with the replacement laptop and have that sent directly to you.

    Again, we are there with you as you ride from city to city and we wish you all the best.

    Lenovo Malaysia


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