Phir Milengay India, Ma Asalamah Pakistan

Yesterday was a very long ride and longest ever for me in India; 530km in 12hours. Started a bit late from Srinagar and reached Amritsar almost 10pm. Tired. Deadly tired. My butt really hurts. Gonna have flat butt soon if this continues.

Amritsar was almost dead when I set foot. Got myself a bad room. Ah, too tired to think about it. That was all I can afford. Showered and changed in mildew, slimy, cockroach flying and bug infested smelly room.

Out for a bite. Felt like zombie chewing my food; too tired to eat but too hungry to sleep. Was back in the cyberworld to send some updates and reply e-mails and later to bed. Sleeping on the wood bed doesn’t do justice to my body. More back pain for me. Haha…a beggar can’t be choosy, can he?

Woke up in the morning and my goodness, tons of messages in my inbox!! And more and more messages came in as I read the earlier ones. Good lord, I must be incommunicado for a very long time!

Waited for a while for water to come out from the tap. Hahaha. Showered but still felt yucky and sticky. From snow to  rain to hailstorm and back to rain, it was cold all the way two days ago but today it’s more than 40°C. More than 40°C increase of temperature in 48 hours. I am so going to fall. I kept telling myself to hang tough and not to fall on this trip. I prayed hard.

Not really sure whether to hang around another day here or hit the border. The blaring sound of traffic outside where I stayed is killing me. Lil G needs new rubber and I’m really running low on India Rupee. She needs it more than me. I will hit the border when she gets the rubber. We need it to cross all the way to Iran. Anticipating the desert and unknown road conditions, she really needs a good set of tyres.

All packed, had breakfast by the roadside. Went around the town but most shops were closed. Silly me, it was Sunday. An hour going around asking for bike or tyre shop was not an easy task. Oh, I saw the golden temple, it was jam packed with people. I wanted to have a visit but then I have to leave Lil G far from my sight with bags and everything. And I have to take off my boots also. I know it’s a holy place but I cannot jeopardise my bike, my bag, my stuff and my only boots just for the visit. Got some pictures in front of the golden temple entrance. There were tons of people. Guess gonna skip it for now.

Time is running short and funds are low. Tyres are the priority here now. Finally found some shops selling but none fits my budget. Went around and around and finally found one. USD35 inclusive of fitting it. Looks really like good rubber to me. Lil G needed it so she got it but before that the mechanics were arguing who should take her wheels off. Truth was, they didn’t know how to do that on a small bike with disc brakes. So yes, you guessed it right, I ended up doing it by myself. Hey, this is India and I am not complaining. Waited one good hour to put them wheels back. It was Sunday, with too many customers and little mechanics, they were short of hands.

Lil G is really tall now, grown up so fast before my eyes. Hahaha. It’s the good rubber and I hope it could last till Iran the least.

Off to border but oh! Lil G was bleeding oil from the side cover. I really hope she can stay strong and make it to Iran so she can be fixed soon.

38km it says. Good road. With new rubber and the old one kept as spare just in case, we’re good to go.

Getting paperwork done at the Wagah border was not that easy. Too much questions and too many higher level signature required. Then off to the Pakistan’s side. Done in 3 hours. By 4.30pm, I was safely out of the gate. Asked around about the Ceremony of The Gate. They told me it’s at 6pm. It’s either I hang around here or I hit Lahore.

Since I’m already here, I better stay and watch. But where do I sleep? I asked around and got to know that I can tent at the tourist spot nearby. So, I camped there and watched the show. Believe me, it was worth the tent. I could feel the excitement of the locals. Great and colorful event. Will post the video up once I get my laptop back. No thanks to Lenovo for making you guys wait since Agra.

Watched the show for almost an hour and later headed off to my tent at the tourist spot. Here, they got rooms and showers and area for tents. There’s a food area too. Camping here is the only choice I have at the moment. Here, you can change money also. Changed all my Indian Rupee to Pakistan Rupee, which was enough for my dinner and balance of USD15 in my pocket. That would take me to Islamabad tomorrow. Hopefully.

It’s really heaty during the day here. I hope it’s cooler tonight for me to sleep under the stars. Had a feast of chicken fried rice, 2 bottles of soda and and a cup of chai. I am bloated, feasted myself to the max. Haha…don’t blame me, blame it on the very tiring day.

Time to hit the sleeping bag and gaze at the stars…goodnight people!

Have a good week ahead.

Khoda Hafez….

Ps: in Pakistan they use Allah Hafez

35 thoughts on “Phir Milengay India, Ma Asalamah Pakistan”

  1. Finally…your have leave india and continue for anext journey in another country…

    I wonder many km Lil G tyre long seen very hard wear on the center..


  2. Beo..leaking tu dari lubang isi minyak enjin tu ke? atau dari mangkuk 3 skru tu sendiri? From the angle you took the picture it sure looks as if it is leaking from the filler cap..


      1. Leaking from both the filler inlet and mangkuk? Hmmm.according to GTrians forum, both ada rubber oil seal..kalau bro ada gasket sealer, maybe can use that first for the time being..provided you have the tools to do such operation la..if not, regularly check the EO so that it wont be starving of it & it wont overheat,,I am trying to arrange for a full check up for Lil G in Athens, Greece since Turkey’s plant dah tutup..will update more when I have anything..


  3. Getah pada penutup tu perlu ditukar bagi menghentikan kebocoran minyak tu.Ia perlu ditukar segera bagi mengelakkan pembaziran.Tayar yang bro tukar tu USD35 ke?blh tahan harganya tu…memang sesuai untuk laluan gurun.


  4. salam bro,

    dah lama aku ikut trip ko…from day one lagi. Maybe u sholud update follower blog nie dgn sedikit maklumat…distance cover (berapa jauh dah), berapa banyak untuk maintenance…minyak, tayar…dll). maybe maklumat nie berguna untuk org yang nak mengembara macam ko, or maybe org modenas nak tau? (nak free info). Anyway..good luck and dont forget to check the oil leak too. Engine jammed is not an option. Safe journey bro.


    1. bro
      kalau nak buat stats tu agak banyak masa yg diperlukan.
      tapi la kan
      kalu di baca blog ni
      kan ada cerita bila tuka minyak itam
      takkan nak tuka minyak itam bila dah cecah 10 ribu atau baru seribu km kan
      taya baru ja sekali tuka
      so dah boleh gauge sendiri l the timing.
      common sense bro dan logic

      when its time to change the oil ,u just hv to do it
      it doesnt hv to be exact as what the manual says.

      thanks again


  5. Bro boleh buka tong tengah, masukkan tayar spare kat bracket & pasang semula tong tu. hehehe tried on my big bike tyre & it works.


    1. its posible,but then again the weight is to far backward and would be stressing the bike and frame.
      not recomended for this bike for rough road


  6. fuuh, nampak semart lak motor wt tyre like dual purpose type. I believe it is a good choice. nampak mmg dual purpose bike dah. teringat dulu ride from Seremban to JB, balik Uni dulu, on ex5 kapchai, tak hingat penat. nie KL to Khardung La (KL jugak ek)?? perrghh…..salute. I stand up and take a bow, salute , salute bro Hadi. keep it up En. Hadi. (p/s: sy dah beli iamalaysian t-shirt. proud to wear it).;-)


  7. nice Tyre there. suitable la for long distance n desert.

    leaking tu kena jaga2 coz kat desert nanti mane ada kedai moto. susah gak nanti kan.

    nyway careful wit ur butt. karnag abes je projek ni xdak dh. 🙂


          1. mane tak nye. asyik makan masa upload je..
            cecuba la makan lebih skit..
            kasi bina balik otot2 di kawasan tu


  8. Can see that Lil G is trying hard to hold it together… Pray that she’ll hold till something can be done on her.. You too, hang in there!


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