From Estonia with love

Few months back, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I used to service my other bike, I met this couple. They came to the same shop, Sunny Cycle, to service theirs, a BMW R1100GS. Sunny Cycle is a regular bike shop or service & repair stopover for Overlanders. We’ve exchanged short hi and bye and I was thinking someday I will be doing the same thing on my own.

On my 2nd day in Leh as I was roaming around, I saw the very same bike with the same plate number. Was trying hard to remember but before I knew it, a couple walked to the bike. Now I remember!

We’ve exchanged another hi and they told me they saw my bike with panniers and thought there must be another overlander nearby. And we recalled we met in Malaysia and I told them that I have been following their blog for months. Margus and Kariina has been on the road more than a year, travelling the world. Estonian citizens with a mix of everything in the blood. Lovely couple with loads of experience. Had morning breakfast with them as well as exchanging information. The breakfast was on them. Thanks.

Bumped into them few times in this small town and few more info-sharing session over coffees and chocolate cakes. Looking forward to meet them somewhere along the way during my journey. You guys can follow them here: From Estonia With Love.

Picture credit: Margus & Kariina

9 thoughts on “From Estonia with love”

  1. kalau ikutkan ramai gak traveler yg macam dowang ni kat merata dunia. kadang2 kita jumpa kan. ikut nasib la

    they have lot of experience to be shared same as u bro hadi.
    berbeza traveling by bike in our country n other country.
    4 sure ur experience will be other inspiration


  2. saya dah pernah baca dan tgk report ride from the estonian couple di forum adv.awesome pics and great rr….hope hadi will replicate with better report than them


  3. It is indeed a small world for all overlanders. We meet them everywhere and in one instance a family we met in Africa are now on their way from China thru Laos and soon will be in Malaysia requiring our assistance to arrange shipment of their truck.We shall of course help out!


  4. Glad you met someone who share the same passion and have something in common to talk about… Stay healthy bro..


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