Buy Hadi a Coffee

Hadi Hussien is a coffee lover; not a day goes by without a coffee. Along his trip, he carries a thermos and buys coffee from cafes/coffee-shops along the way. He has so far tasted coffee from Thailand, India and Pakistan.

We are trying to raise money to be able to fund Hadi at least two cups of coffee per day along his way to London, so we’ve managed to think of a great contest!

The plan is for you to buy at least a coffee for Hadi and be in the running to win great prizes. You are actually not limited to buy one. For every RM10 you buy, you will gain one entry into the drawings! So the more you buy coffee for Hadi, the more entries. The more entries, the big chances to win GREAT PRIZES worth more than RM3000!

More information can be found on our microsite: COFFEE FOR HADI


  • Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa (Kuala Terengganu) — A voucher of 3Days/2Nights Accommodation stay at Teratak Executive Suite with Breakfast for 2 person at Verandah Restaurant worth RM 4600 nett
  • Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa (Cyberjaya) — A voucher of 3Days/2Nights stay at Junior Suite with Buffet Breakfast for 2 person at Verandah Restaurant worth RM 3500 nett

More prizes are coming in so be sure to buy at a coffee of RM10 now!

This contest is open to any person, living anywhere! 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Hadi! So click the button below!

21 thoughts on “Buy Hadi a Coffee”

  1. Kepada semua yang telah mem’belanja’ bro Hadi kita ni kopi, sila email kan nombor transaksi anda ke

    Kalau tidak, pihak pengurusan tidak ada maklumat tentang siapa yang layak untuk cabutan bertuah nanti…harap maklum..

    Terimakasih dan sila lah belanja lagi..hehe


  2. Coffee is better than Tea! Mesti Hadi dah boleh compare coffee during his stopover …. I love coffee!


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