Life is full of regrets

Well, as I was told life is full of surprises, colors, joy, regrets and more to list. In fact I remember also life is like a box of chocolate; you never know what you gonna get.

But regrets was not in mine. Life that is full of regrets only belongs to the manufacturer of the laptop that I know at the moment. Everytime it happens, shit happens, they would say….we regret and we are sorry. It does makes me feel like eid or hari raya back home. We seek forgiveness and say sorry.. But to them its everyday.only minus the baju melayu and the rendang. I guess they can sleep well after regretting and saying sorry to their customer everyday of their life.

Its a pity for them.

Khoda hafez

5 thoughts on “Life is full of regrets”

  1. Itulah realiti pandangan syarikat besar kepada pelanggannya..
    Bro baik u buat stiker.. “SAY No to LENOVO”

    Byk negara bro lintas.. Kira mcm promosi sakit hati la..


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