Are we there yet?

Last night after a good dinner and astounding show of the gate closing ceremony I went in to my tent trying to get some rest with Lil G sleeping outside. It was a bit warm, so I guess I can make it without the sleeping bag. About 11 pm wind started picking up and later came the violent sandstorm.
I was holding on to the tent and praying hard it won’t collapse and fly off with me inside. Half an hour later, it started slowing down. Phew, still in one piece.
But stars were not to be seen. Few minutes later I could hear the rain falling on the tent. Very glad that it rained down to cool off the night. From slow it got heavier and heavier; with loud thunderstorms and strong winds. I was laughing to myself like a madman. Told myself, “Argh finally, a refreshing cool air for you, Hadi. It has been a long time since you last slept in a tent.”

I thought that it would only be for awhile but I was wrong. It lasted until almost 3am. And I have been up every freaking hours to hold still my tent. I kept telling myself, “it is going to be OK. Just pray and hang on.”

After it calmed down, I peeked outside the tent to see whether G is OK. She slept with her side on the ground; she couldn’t fight the strong wind! Picked her up and tried to get some sleep. But oh! The sunrise greeted me way too early. As early as 4am! But I didn’t care, I picked up where I left off. Had a short nap and woke up by 7am. Had a quick packing and off for a light breakfast not forgetting a taste of Pakistani chai. We were on the road short after, determined to be in Islamabad before dark. The road here is very good, well built and taken care of. I cruised at 80km and skipped Lahore city by using the bypass road. I don’t feel the need to put up a night there as I have been there before. Furthermore, a night means more money flying out of my pocket which I don’t really have much now.

After 100km, I took a break. Got Lil G filled. And a drink and stretching for me. Later, I sat by the floor on the side of the petrol mart just to catch on my breath. An old man walked towards me and started talking to me in Urdu. I gave my salam and he was saying something that I could not comprehend. He walked away and came back with a plastic chair. He told me to sit on the chair, not on the floor. Oh! I was so touched by his kind gesture that I almost cried. He insisted for me to sit on the chair and not on the floor. I refused but he knelled down and trying hard to talk to me. I took his offer and thanked him politely. He disappeared and came back few minutes later with a glass of water for me.

Pakistanis. They have their own way with a stranger, a foreigner like me. I will treasure this moment forever.

Moving on, I headed straight to Islamabad. Went for a courtesy visit to Malaysian Embassy. So happy to see fellow Malaysians and I instantly felt at home. They were so kind and generous to provide me a place to put up for the night. When I arrived at the embassy, I missed His Excellency by few minutes. But worry not, will be meeting him soon.

I unpacked my stuff in the room and contacted my Pakistani friend. Had the luxury of Pakistani lamb for a dinner till I bloated! Hahaha, good food after a long ride. I needed the fat.

Did some laundry, had a good shower as well as a good sleep. Later prepared my papers for the next border-crossing. Will be heading out to Taftan and into Iran in few days time.

Tonite, am sleeping over at the home of my Pakistani buddy, Shahid. A good buddy and very helpful indeed. Been running around with me in this clean city. And he feeds me a lot too.

Till the next update, people.

Khoda Hafez.

25 thoughts on “Are we there yet?”

  1. not many things beat Pakistani hospitality … 🙂 you’ll bump into that uncle everywhere. all the best for Iran!


  2. keep eating as you need the energy…
    selagi boleh makan, please do!!

    safe ride and talk to you in 2 weeks time I guess
    hope papers will come in time soon…



  3. Hadi, eat well and stay healthy… just make sure Lil G can still ferry you after all those hearty meal…hahaha.. Safe Ride my friend!


  4. Alhamdulillah, nampak ada kelegaan. sekurang2nya dapat teman, tempat berteduh dan makan yang sedap dan selesa. selepas jauh perjalanan. bro hadi, kuatkan semangat yang dah kuat. kami akan beli kopi 4 u. insya’allah, ramai yang sedang membaca blog ni. dan saya mohon semua yang membaca supaya memberi sumbangan kepada bro hadi untuk terus berjuang, sehingga ke london. insya’allah. membuktikan, bro hadi dan kapcainya bersemangat kental untuk meneruskan semuanya walaupun tiada penaja korparat! buktikan malaysia boleh. boleh membantu satu sama lain.

    selamat bro!


  5. – assalammualaikum vradaa..
    – keseronokan yg dapat dikongsi bersama apa lagi diri sendiri yg mengalaminya..
    – saya berbangga menjadi rakyat Malaysia dan punya kenalan juga rakyat Malaysia seperti vradaa yg cekal..
    – jika ada rezeki perniagaan dari allah yg maha esa akan dikongsi bersama dgn vradaa..
    – jaga kesihatan dan jaga kuda besi yg menjadi peneman sepanjang jalan ke kota london..

    salam 73


  6. ini one good stop la ni …. makan sedap, tidoq selesa, rezeki tuhan bagi, alhamdulillah. semoga Lil G pun dapat santapan yang sempurna juga macam tuan dia. jangan sampai dia merajuk pulak! all the best bro and safe ride.


  7. baru dpt lemak sikit tu. hehe
    ingat satu menda bro.

    nak orang layan kita baik, kita layan orang baik,
    nak orang hormat kita , kita hormat orang..

    semoga sepanjang perjalanan ni bro jumpa dengan orang2 yang baik2 belaka. insyallah.


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