Lil G Day

Lots of comments said that I have lost weight. Can’t deny that; have lost 7kg in total in about less than a month. It must be from the ride, heat, food and stress. But guess what? Lil G has gain some; with new fat tyres and mud that she has been collecting along the way. You guys have seen how dirty she was. Poor Lil G, I can’t really spent full day for her. But today, I am all out for her, pampering her and preparing her for the next journey.

look at the oil and dust and mud on the air filter

Today I had to strip her top front. Hehe.

Half naked

Her air filter needs major cleaning. It’s choking her and she will consume more fuel if it’s clogged. Bad for her health. Look at the amount of mud and dust in there. The filter is so muddy, dusty even the box is dirty.

even in the filter box is full of dust n dirt

These are the things you have to do yourself along the way if you are riding as such. I am cleaning all the oil leaks, mud everywhere, slime and grime that has been building up inside her. Plugs have to be checked and cleaned to ensure that they get to burn the fuel properly.

all oil leak is cleaned,see how long it lasts

Later cleaned and oiled all the screws. Just so you know, screws of this bike easily get rusty. Following the manual takes time but it’s good for her and me; making me feel save and keep her in good shape.

She had a good clean bath and now gleam and shiny to glare and amaze people all the way to Iran.

shiny and new!

Wish her luck and strength for the next ride and don’t forget to buy me a cup of coffee for my Iran journey.

Khoda Hafez

15 thoughts on “Lil G Day”

  1. at last Lil G got pampered and a good showers ! kesian dia huhu~
    i think kene tukar oil ring yg dekat oil cap tu bro, thats why leaking kot..

    anyway, all the best !


  2. cantek pown. hehe
    ingtkan nak kumpul setiap debu2 sepanjang perjalanan ni smpai london.
    baru ada sentimental value.. hehe


  3. semat-semat-semat!
    nampak cantik ah moto tu bro! biarkan orang2 pakistan berpinau mate tengok moto tu. kecantikan tak penting. yang penting kesihatan diri dan moto tu. insya’allah, barulah bleh berjalan jauh.


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