Wagah Border Festival

Remember the day that I slept in my tent just to see the the closing of the gate ceremony? You do? Aww, thanks ppl. Ok here are the pictures. By the time you read this I might be still on the road, so I left some images and videos for you to feast your eyes on while I am in incommunicado. Should be released by my webmaster on daily basis.

OK, here’s the pictures of the festival that I told you about. On 13th June 2010, I reached Wagah, a village bordering India and Pakistan. People told me that I should see the closing of the gate festival, so I stayed for the night. The ceremony is actually done on daily basis where a flag lowering ceremony and a parade is the main excitement here. The daily event is jointly done with cooperation of India Border Security Forces and Pakistan Rangers.

Starting of the ceremony.

People of both the countries were gathered in large number to watch this entertainment function.

A handsome ranger twisting his moustache.

A Pakistan Ranger’s uniform consists of black shalwar qameez tunic and a black turban wrapped with a red band and tall fins.

Me posing with a Pakistan Ranger.

Till later, Khoda Hafez and don’t forget to buy me coffee!

16 thoughts on “Wagah Border Festival”

  1. hehhe naper muka ranger yg bergamber dgn bro tu macam muka tak bersalah jer bro??? dia takut bergamber waktu kerja??? takut kantoi dgn bos dia hehehehe

    yang nyata lu memang best brooo semoga selamat segalanya


  2. Wahhh engkau punyer le dah tinggi n besar … Org2 pakistan lagi besar dari lu bro…. fuhhh gerun haku…..kalau aku kene dongak leee.. (x jadi aku nak travel macam lu dah bro) hhahha


  3. bro. nak tanya satu. apsal ranger tu cam sedih je.
    ang paksa dia tangkap gamba ke? amboi2..
    kelihatan kesedihan beliau..

    tp rasa cam best je sbb ramai2 sambut. sure pentingkan ceremony ni..


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