Video: Riding down Khardung La

The full version of the ride to Khardung La. There are two videos below.

Updates on Hadi:
Hadi is now in Zhob, a small town situated between Dera Ismail Khan and Quetta. He is spending the night at the police station as a precautionary measures, following the kidnapping and murder as well as serial bombings in the district recently.

12 thoughts on “Video: Riding down Khardung La”

  1. Videos are nice but pity you for spending the night at the police station. Hopefully they treat you well. Keep going and safe ride Bro …


    1. it was a nice scenery.
      hospitality was good.
      sleeping under millions star was not my choice and not having shower for a week was not fun either


  2. hello bro.hadi,

    gua tabik sama lu,ini baru adventure of a lifetime that not one
    can rampas from U!

    My salute & prayers to U! Safe journey Ahead!

    To all the Big CC bikers,do give your 110% moral support,travel knowledge & expertise in which area he might face difficulty what ever manner.


    1. hahaha
      lain ride ,lain bike,lain tempat lain experince ridenya bro.
      i ride big bike too.
      others might hv worst experince too.
      itss good to learn and share
      thanks again


  3. wow! kat malaysia ni mana ada jalan licin macam tu… this ur first experience nih kan? memang hebat la…

    perkhhh…bawak moto dalam salji.. kita kat malaysia bawak moto dalam hujan pun dah terketar ketarrrrrrrrrr (macam coca cola brrrrrrr)..


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