Hell ride

25th June 2010

After 18hrs on the road from Nok Kundi, Pakistan, i am now safe in Bam, Iran. Arrived almost midnight after 560km of a hell ride. Tired like crazy. Will be taking a break here before heading to Yazd on Saturday morning.

Had bad…worst time of my life for the past week. Riding under so-called security was more unsafe and miserable–no food, no water, no shelter, no toilet, nothing. The security measures was actually putting my life more at risk.

My passport was confiscated under a security measure by both Pakistan and Iran authority. And guess what? They lost it within few hours and no one knew where and who held my passport. Had a big fight with them and my passport was returned to me few hours before reaching Bam.

I should be in Tehran by Thursday next week and will stay there for few days.

Khoda Hafez.

37 thoughts on “Hell ride”

  1. been quite some time since the last i got any updates on your journey. good to know that you’re fine, despite all those hard times you’ve been through. stay strong, and ride safe 😉


  2. nasib baik bro pun badan besar.. tentu dia org pun ade sikit takut :P… hmm kalau saiz sederhana je hmmm kene leeeeeeee hahahhahahha. keep ride,bro n jangan lupe fuel haaaha


  3. that’s why we call experience of a lifetime. you’ll never know you can get pass through all the hassle unless you do it.

    Anyway bro. safe ride and may ALLAH protecting u.


  4. yes, u must be tired and the ride seems a tad too long perhaps? I noted that you haved wrongly keyed yr entry as July! hahahaha! BUT no wories, take courage! and May God be with you! cheers!


  5. I know u’ve been thru time worse than this and you’ll make it thru. May Allah be with u. The whole family prays for u. Take care


  6. wah.. getir tui cabaran yang dihadapi… tak semua org leh sampai ke tahap yng bro lakukan… terus tabah bro… semoga berjaya memburu impian chewah… bravo.. lawakutu…..


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