Old City of Yazd

Another interval of that backdated post ^_____^

27 June, 2010 | Yazd

Yazd is a must visit city in Iran. Well ,I didnt have the opportunity to visit this place even though I have been in Iran few times. This old muddy town is filled with badgirs(airwell). You can get lost in the maze of mud houses in the historic streets and lanes.

After 3 days of resting and not being able to go out much in Bam, I finally made that ride to Yazd under the hot sunny weather.In Bam, i did try to go out but 30 mtrs out of the guest house police would arrive in loud siren and few gunmen asking me to get back to my guest house. It’s for security they say. They dont want me to be seen as much as letting people know that there is a foreigner in town. I think if they turn off the siren and not having many gunmen around, lesser people would know my being there, right? I was not allowed to go and roam the streets of Bam. A Swiss and Japanese tourists were kidnapped few years ago only to be released few months later.

Getting stuck in your room with no movement for food after a week of hell ride is not a good way of resting. I need to eat and I want to go out. There is no way I can enjoy this trip without going and visit at least a place in Bam. But what can I do?

In Yazd, I stayed in this small cozy guesthouse. All i did was eat and sleep. The day was too hot to go out and during the day shops are all closed. Siesta.

Yazd is famous for its silks and fabrics. I am not a shopping kind but even if I do, where do I put those stuff? Lil G is too small to carry those.

Enjoy the pictures, people.

airwell everywhere…it really cools the house

clay n hay used to build the houses

i wonder too why the door is up there

landmark of yazd

old door.the right is for female, left is for male to knock

playground in the middle of old town

remember your way in…all look the same

she is all set to roll

street to enter the maze of houses

streets of yazd old town

the walls of yazd old town

yazd city

6 thoughts on “Old City of Yazd”

  1. love the pictures.

    more infos for each of the picture would be much better.

    could be our ‘virtual’ tour guide. haha


    1. would really love to do that.
      my webmaster need a little help.
      her hands are tight at the moment.
      care to recommend any editor who can give her a hand?


      1. a friend of mine works with editorial board of a publisher. forgot the name btw.

        maybe i could asked him if he could do the job.

        but yet, i can’t assure you.


  2. old door.the right is for female, left is for male to knock

    woaa.. baru tau ni..
    tp rugi la kalau kita gi xbawak sumtin dari sana kan.
    nyway nice info. trasa cam nak gi sane lak


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