Heading to mountain top

July 26, 2010

Dogubayazid was a good place for me, back to sleeping in a tent. It was a nice place and cozy, you guys have seen the pictures by now. With hot shower and clean toilet and good host.

Early morning i went up to Nemrut Dagi. This is the place where the ancient ruins located. Go Google. According to the map it’s about 500km. So I guess if I start at 7, I should be there by about 6 the most. Bikes of any capacity in Turkey can’t be more than 78kmh on the road. In a way it will save my fuel since fuel in Turkey is more than USD2/ litre. Phew. This bike runs about 35km a liter with full fuel uphill riding I guess I can make about 140km tops full tank.

Too bad it was wrong data on the map. The range is more and I dont have GPS. I reached the jetty point right after the ferry left. Duhhh. And it was already 9.10 at night. Now I have to find a place to sleep. Went to ask for hotel at a petrol pump nearby and the owner got so excited to see a tourist on a small bike. He offered his sofa at the petrol pump for me to put up a night. Good shower and chai on the house and I slept like a baby in safe hands. Couldn’t do much talking with the owner because of the language barrier but sign language helps a lot.

Sunrise and time to ride again. Reached the jetty point and waited for the ferry. It was only 15 mins ride if u take the ferry. 5 Lira and I set foot on the other end. If I chose to ride, it’ll be another 160 km and few hour on the road. Fuel saved. On the way up the Mountain I met another overlanders, Italian couple.

“You make me feel so small and nothing”, thats the first word that came out from Stefano. He is riding a Trans alp, a big bike. And touring Turkey and Eastern Europe, he thinks I am another crazy Italian on a moped. What made he thinks I am Italian? Well, it’s the boxes that Lil G carries. They are made in Italy, can be easily recognised from far.

E-mail exchanged and we will try to meet up in Italy soon.

Found a place to camp in this nice and cozy place close to the top of the mountain with a wonderful view and quiet. Tent piched annd I head up to the Nemrut Dagi.

Enjoy the pic.

Kinda tiring walk to the top. This is what happen when u ride for so long and less exercise. Need to walk a lot when u have the opportunity. View from the top is superb, enjoy the pic. Few good hours spent enjoying the view and I met this guy from Saudi Arabia at the parking lot.

He just got back from Kuala Lumpur 3 days ago and now he is here. Taking his summer break riding and touring Turkey. Had some good chat and I went down while he is heading north to the black sea coast.

Back to my camp and this place has a free internet, and a wifi too. Isn’t that wonderful!? Updated my blog and FB. Some laundry done and there I was sitting in front of the PC not realizing that it rain suddenly out there. There goes my laundry and they were all wet. My tent is a bit damp. Hmmm…it’s just a sign that I need to have another day here to enjoy the internet and dry all my stuff.

Heading to Capadoccia tomorrow.

Have a good week ahead ppl.

Khoda Hafez

25 thoughts on “Heading to mountain top”

  1. mesti mat saleh tue tabik spring kat bro.. aku pun nak tabik spring toinggggg. selamat untuk bro n lil g! nice pic bro…


  2. Hey bro, how come u refer the top & side boxes as Lil G? They are actually GIVI boxes right? Anyway, all the best to u bro!


  3. Assalamualaikum hadi..
    Koi bagi sepenuh sokongan ke aok..
    Buktikan aok boleh..kapcai itu hanya alat.. iman dan keazaman yang teguh itulah ‘jisim’nya…
    Allahu Akbar!!
    Kalau aok plan untuk lintas Sepanyol, perlukan bantuan bahasa InsyaAllah koi boleh bantu. Koi dulu duduk di madrid setahun, sekarang ngajor di UM.

    Ma’assalamah ya akhi..


  4. waaaa…itu motor Transalps tu bole gila kalo dia bole rasa mcm mn la motor kapcai yg kecik molek bole jln jauh cam nih….
    u mmng hebat bro….


  5. 5 Lira tu matawang dorang ek?
    orang kat malaysia pn nk jimat minyak ni kan bro dekat luar sana.
    tp susah kot orang nak percaya yang ada malaysian yg boleh tour dengan moto kecik tu.

    nice word la bro.

    ‘small fish in big ocean’


    1. matawang turki adalah lira.
      nak senang kira compare ngan ringgit x2
      so kalau skali isi minyak full tank 15 lira x2 = 30 hengget.
      dapat la dlm 140km.
      boleh hidup?


  6. I saw your ride in the ADVRIDER forum. Awesome !! I will be following your route with great interest.

    Thanks for allowing us on the trip with you.

    The best to you!!


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