Finally i have reached Gerome. Long 10 hours ride from Nemrud Dagi. First 120 km was very bad and mountainous road. Just to cut short of another 150 km,I took that route. Managed to cut the distance but I lose the time. 120km is 3 hours. Anyway, the rest of the ride was nice and smooth. Under the hot sun and windy at times, I managed to set foot in this cute touristy town. With cone shape hills and hotels and cafes and houses built in them. Time to get some rest and some maintance work on the bike.

Enjoy the pictures!

10 thoughts on “Cappadocia”

  1. wow….houses built in the mountains…
    btw just wondering, how do they get the power? electricity
    can’t see any power pole or something…

    superb experience bro…keep us posted…

    have a safe journey ahead….


  2. macam anai2 lak tgk. berlubang sane sini
    tp pic yg best lil G kat tgh2 tu
    aduhai cmne nak jalan ikut lorong2 tu.

    posa? tak bli baju raya ke? hehe


    1. ko ngk bebetul vid tu.
      dwang tebuk gunung tu pakai tangan beb.
      takda mesin.
      jadi rumah sampai basement 7 floor.
      complete segalanya.

      Lil gi dah terbukti boleh sampai kemana sahaja.
      dari atas gunung sampai lah tgh padang pasir yg panas.

      agak agak?


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