Silence is not Gold for me in this matter

Dear all.

Its Monday and wishing you guys a good week ahead and for those will be fasting soon,Selamat berpuasa.

I am now in this beautiful coastal city southwest of Turkey,Bodrum.

Will be taking a ferry ride to Kos island and then to Athena,Greece.

Hopefully tomorrow.

and i shall continue my ride up north on the eastern europe.

Alhamdulillah that my journey so far has been good and safe.

Tough and hard on some parts of it but its a very valuable lesson and experience to share with you all.

will try and share more as i ride.

Another thing to share is that my LENOVO laptop is still in Tehran.

if you guys do remember when it crashed in India,that was almost 3 months ago.

and now i am almost entering Greece and there is still no sign of it.

Last 2 weeks i have asked them about my laptop and they blame me for what had happen.

It was my fault and blamed for.

Since India,passed Pakistan,3 weeks in Iran,extended my visa waiting for the laptop and they still blame me and telling me its my fault.

The laptop crashed and no international warranty support provided in India-Its my fault

The took weeks to respond and replaced-Its my fault

They took weeks to ship the broken laptop from Srinagar back to Malaysia-Its my fault

They didnt ship it to Pakistan-Its my fault

They took forever to decide on sending it to Iran-Its my fault

They sent the laptop on my 3rd week in Iran and it arrived after i have reached Turkey-Its my fault

It has been 3 weeks i am in Turkey and i have sending them lots e mail asking to ship it here-Its my fault

They took days to reply my e mails and treating them urgently-Its my fault

They have not replying to my e mail for the past week and blaming me for all above!!!!

Whose fault it is actually?

Why blame me for your own weaknesses,incompetence and fault.

Khoda Hafez

13 thoughts on “Silence is not Gold for me in this matter”

  1. I have had it with these people..they take it so lightly..just sue them bro..I will help all I can to help u sue them..


  2. good luck bro.. kalau sampai doha juz give me a call.. +974-55637396..banyak sabar & good luck.. keling gitu la keje nya.. hampehh..


  3. Don’t give a any chances to them bro. Bring this issue to higher level i.e. sue or tribunal. We as consumer shall fight for our right.

    Others spread the words about this brand!!!!!


  4. hey hardy, you bloody motor-bike gypsy, am jallouse !
    abdullah showed me that you are at the moment in greece.
    if you don’t want to make the trip up the serbian and
    slowakien cost, then take the ferry from Patras (greece) to
    Brindisi (italy). But before you should taste the sheep-cheese
    with the ice-cold Recina Wine! If you drive in Italy to the
    north, dont miss the region of the Toscana at the east-cost!
    Good Luck dear Friend!


  5. try ask them to arrange with local Lenovo in Turkey for a loan laptop to be shipped at your next destination. since they are slow, let’s make it two or three destinations ahead so that the laptop arrives before you. if you can arrange for a loan laptop, then your original laptop can be shipped home


  6. Bro Hadi, aku rasa, biarkan je lah. Langsung tak berfaedah buat masa ni utk berkomunikasi ngan Lenovo, hanya membuang masa & duit. Bila dah pulang ke Tanah Air nanti, pi terus ke pejabat dorg, marah habis2.
    In the meantime, stay safe. May Allah be with you all the way during the holy mth of Ramadhan.


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