Olympos and Chimera

I have always wanted to see the ruins of this old times since I was a kid. Looking at the ruins makes me wonder on how they built it during those days with no machines and no technology that we can copy and build better.

Camped for few nights here to rest my hurting butt.

Enjoy the pictures ppl.

Olympos beach

We camped under a tree

Mosaic ruins

Old church ruins


more tombs

more ruins

Chimera fire

7 thoughts on “Olympos and Chimera”

    1. api tu dah di jumpai dan temple kat situ dibina dalam 1 BC.
      so agak agak la dah brapa lama dah dia menyala.
      dan dimana kita ketika itu dan sekarang


  1. Awesome!
    Anyway I believe that they had some sort of technologies that were not documented there.. how could they invent huge amount of theorems and theories but no building technology at all?

    Happy Travelling ya akhie…


  2. thanks for de scenery photo at the beach…. missing it very much….

    be strong, we are all behind you…
    u be good too

    salam ramadhan


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