Wind Chill Factor when riding

People asked me, via e-mail and and in person, don’t you feel cold riding?

Yes I do. Seriously. I come from a hot and humid country.

That’s not an excuse for me. But this few weeks, with rain and uncertain weather, the cold and wind does push to my limit. My riding gears are not meant for this coldness and low temp.

Below is the graph for your reference.

If I am riding my Lil G at 80kmh and the temp is 10c. Look below the chart….the wind chill I am experiencing is -7c. That is cold. I mean, seriously cold.

Just sharing.

Khoda Hafez

3 thoughts on “Wind Chill Factor when riding”

  1. Pewwwwwww…
    that’s damnnnn cold dude!!
    The coldest temp I ever experienced was in Madrid, way back in 2003, only -5 and all the water in flower jars etc was frozen..luckily i used a fat mantel and I nice, wide wool sabana…but youuu… all the way out there in open air perrghhh..could not imagine how cold that is!!


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