Zagreb, Croatia

Pictures recovered but story is missing. These are what’s left…

Enjoy, people. Khoda Hafez.

Special thanks to Malaysian mission in Zagreb.

Story recovered from google webcache, thanks to Man:

I am so gonna be freezing in this ride. The sky was dark in the morning, yet I can’t be staying here  in Beograd for few more days just to wait for the sun. It’s time to ride.

Yeah i know, it’s gonna be cold n wet. This is all the fun I am looking for and should be happy with. My choice…hahaha.

More than 6 hours in the rain and hassle free at the border…almost. They just wanna see my bike and talk to me while looking at my papers.

Looks like its clear sky up front. With high hope but it lasted for only few minutes and here comes the storm. Touchdown at Zagreb almost dark. Road was nice and beautiful but since its raining and on unfamiliar ground I rode slowly. Not sure of how long I am going to be here. Backpacker’s bunk again for the night. No camping in this rain.

Small town and beautiful. Sorry that I cant roam much in this rain that has been falling for 2 straight days. All you need to see this small beautiful town is by foot.

Met 2 fellow Malaysians from our mission here. Mr Syed Nauzer and also Michael. Had coffee with them and dinner at Albanian restaurant. My trip was really short here. Running away from the rain and have to head west soon.

Thanks for the time and coffee.

Khoda Hafez.

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