Wet Berlin, Germany

Hi all,

Here I am sitting, wondering and looking outside for the past 3 days. Staring at the dark and gloomy sky. It has been raining and raining and raining. It’s good for me to rest, yet I can’t go out and see this beautiful city and share the pictures with you guys.

And what worries me is the temperature; keeps dropping and getting lower. I wonder how long can I last and brace this weather. Yeah, I know that I am getting nearer to London. It’s only 1300km to go. But riding in -7c wind chill in the wet and rain, at times it drops to -10c…it’s just not worth to take the risk.

Let’s see how it goes tomorrow.

Need to keep warm…

Khoda Hafez

10 thoughts on “Wet Berlin, Germany”

  1. assalamualaikum bro hadi..
    wow.. 1300km to go.. judging from the distance u’ve travelled, that’ll be like just around the corner.
    hopefully everything went on just fine, and the weather is on ur side. may u be under The Almighty’s protection all the way.

    ride on, ride safe 😉


  2. Hadi, it’s ok Bro …. hujan tu ada hikmah dia. Boleh ride, carry on, kalau tak boleh rest. Kami semua just want to hear you reach your destinantion safely …. that will make us proud! Safe Ride Bro …


  3. Tak pa bro…Bukan nak pergi acara rasmi di London tuh..Bukan nak pergi potong reben perasmian apa-apa pun Just like the others said, yang penting bro dapat ride dan sampai dengan selamat.


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