Prague, Chech Me out

I saw those wordings on a t-shirt  in one of the shops in Prague. Posted it on my Facebook and Jueya my friend from FAO says it’s so lame. Was suppose to pay her a visit if i do set foot in Rome. Too bad I couldn’t make it. Anyway. Congrats to her big news.

Prague is such a beautiful city. I managed to capture some pictures to share, making full use of it while the sky is blue. I hate reading weather forecast but sometims it does helps me on my riding trip, so I can plan. Well, actually it tells me to stay longer or to move on quick to the next town. And not getting frozen on my bike.

Here are the pictures.

Oh well….

Next stop would be Berlin,Germany.

i can hear the roaring sound of GS .

9 thoughts on “Prague, Chech Me out”

  1. that car made out of crochet? Sure Rita suka nengok…hehe…nice pics bro…safe ride, take care and stay warm…salam


  2. Hadi, get yourself an external hdd bro…that will help a lot…trust me you can store all the data & every moment you capture without worrying it could be lost if this blog hacked again…keep going bro…jgn lupa kepada Allah SWT moga trip nko di lindungi olehNya…


  3. mmg cantik lokasi2 di downtown prague…shot2 yg saudara hadi snap mmg ada seni, kalau saya main snap je asal masuk gambar.
    gambar2 saudara hadi tu mengingat balik kenangan di prague tahun 2004. mmg tak puas ambik gambar di prague ni…everywhere is kodak moment!
    kalau tengok movie mission impossible dgn XXX, prague digunakan sebagai lokasinya…sorry layan kenangan plak….


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