The end is near…

Come this Sunday…12.10 pm Dover port UK, Lil G and me will set foot on the soil of United Kingdom. This is where the trip ends.

Sharing this song with you guys. Updates will come once i am done.

you have a good weekend ppl.

Khoda Hafez


11 thoughts on “The end is near…”

  1. Salam bro..alhamdulillah and are THE first Malaysian to ever ride Solo on a 128cc bike from Malaysia all the way to London..may this be the start and spark for more Malaysians to accomplish greater feats..

    I dont care how you did it, I dont care how long it took for you to complete it..I dont even care who helped you get there to the finish line..all I care about is your safety and well being..syukur alhamdulillah you have arrived safely…

    We’ll talk to each other soon…ride safe, take care, stay warm…


  2. Salam Bro …..
    la ni lebih kurang jam 9:30 pagi Malaysia 24/10 masa komen ini ditulis. Alhamdulillah dan setinggi-tinggi tahniah kerana berjaya sampai kedestinasi dengan melalui berbagai cabaran² sepanjang perjalanan. As a biker, I salute your keberanian, kegigihan dan semangat dalam mengharungi setiap saat perjalanan baik yang pahit mahu pun manis.

    Ini juga adalah pencapaian yang amat membanggakan bagi seorang rakyat Malaysia. Semoga kejayaan anda ini dijadikan contoh bagi generasi muda akan datang. Walaupun kita tak pernah bersua muka tapi atas dasar bikers brotherhood, I’m very proud of you! Semoga Allah merahmati anda selalu. Safe ride Bro …..

  3. Moderator or Hadi please contact me 0136347830…
    There are malay bikers in London waiting & planning to greet Hadi there…
    Or you can directly contact with him “Nuar” +447526785740, they already there waiting for you…

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