He has done it

His bikeSalute to Bro Suhaimi

About 7 years ago,Suhaimi has started his journey around the world on his GS.

So i was told he shipped his bike to Turkey and rode to London and then shipped it to USA and then rode all over USA and then ship it back to Malaysia.

Well, he did it earlier than me,started from Turkey and last stop is Malaysia.

Some pictures of him while he was here in the UK

Pictures courtesy of Brother Ismail in London.

A good friend of mine here.

Thanks bro

Rider Suhaimi bersama Bro Ismail


bro Suhaimi giving a talk

alfatihah to Brother Suhaimi.

was told he passed away after the ride.


8 thoughts on “He has done it”

  1. Salam Bro Hadi,

    I lost a great mentor. I met him when he came to Laos with his wife, Nett on his trusted bike. He spent few nights at my house, when he lost his passport during the trip. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat kepada rohnya, seorang hamba Allah yang cukup ikhlas dan berjiwa besar. Amin!


  2. Dah lama tak komen tapi selalu ikuti perkembangan,boleh kata hari2 la tapi tak pernah dengar secara detail mengenai pengembaraan bro suhaimi ni.boleh kongsi sikit?


    1. cerita pasal bro arwah suhaimi ni tak banyak yg aku tahu.
      yg aku tahu dia ship motor dia dari malaysia sampai turkey,lepas tu baru dia ride.
      brapa lama dan ikut route mana …aku tak tahu.
      harap dapat berkongsi bagi sesiapa yang tahu


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