Bengkulu CB bikers….Great ppl with Great Spirit

I arrived late and greeted by Bengkulu CB bikers.
they are friendly ppl.
very friendly and full of information.
Had coffee and fruits at their clubhouse.
while sharing information they were asking me about the bike i am riding.
what tyres,oil and the questions never stop.
coffee and fruits too never stop served along with the questions…
makan sampai kenyanglah.

the offered me to stay at their place for the nite.
since i have to d load photos and stories to write ,
i nicely refused.
in return i offered them FPO Oil that i have with me
told them how great it was .
i got some spares for my next oil change..
i have surpassed 4000 km on the bike and still havent change my oil.
and the oil level is still there like i just changed it yesterday.

everybody shared the oil.

after dinner ,they came to my hotel to take me around…
its too dark to take any pictures…
but they surprised me with this.

its real wood
its real wood
and you can ride on it
and you can ride on it
u saw this somewhere on the net...
u saw this somewhere on the net…

it took the guy about 2 wks to finish ea bike.
u can order from me if you guys are interested…

The next morning..
i toured a little bit of the city…
nice quiet city with beautiful beach.

not the ciggie lah
not the ciggie lah

on the way out of the city…i stop to use the restroom in this small food stall..
for all i know they offered me coffee and small chat with themlah..

i wrote about them here in Harian Metro

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