Bukit Tinggi to Padang..Via Pariaman..

Stayed 2 nites in Bukit Tinggi..
another short rest.
and prep for next ride..
I stayed here before during my field assignment.
so not much of going around for sight seeing.
Lazy me lah.

i can take the short ride from Bukit tinggi to Padang but i prefer to take the long way via Bukit Maninjau and Pariaman.
Pariaman was hit by earthquake few years ago..
i was here to for duty…
now everything is back to normal and much better.

Pariaman town
Pariaman town

They have 44 corners..just like 1000 corners in Thailand.
They call it 44 Likuk.
Very sharp turn and no place to stop to take pictures and few accidents along the way into corners.
i skip again..
riding down the west coast was superb..

West coast Highway in the rain
West coast Highway in the rain

and some parts along the coast the view says it all..

it doesnt feel like Sumatera
it doesnt feel like Sumatera

another 1


arv in Padang late…
the hotel that i used to stay here is closed now
nd to find new place since its getting dark…

2 thoughts on “Bukit Tinggi to Padang..Via Pariaman..”

  1. Tuan…saya plan nak buat satu trip naik public transportation di Indonesia from Jawa Barat terus ke Jawa Timur….rasa-rasa berapa hari diperlukan?


    1. saya tak buat trip public transport dik…
      x tau public transport apa u nak naik
      nak naik bas ka?
      train ka?
      becak ka?
      ojek ka?

      mula dari mana dan habis di mana?
      nak tido atas public transport ka?
      brapa bajet?
      tahap keselesaan yang sanggup.
      tempat yang nak menyinggah?
      brapa lama nak menyinggah setiap tempat?
      banyak soklan ni sebelom saya boleh bagi jawapan


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