11 October 2015

Anak johor merentas benua has arrived safety at Malaysian High Commission in Canberra (Malawakil Canberra) and has been warmly welcome by all.Thank you soo much, Anak Johor really appreciates the hospitality. When I arrived at the embassy there was a feast already been prepared, some local kueh’s and laksa JOHOR!! Scrumptious. They say a true Johorian eat with their hands,”Anak jati johor makan laksa dengan tangan ;)” .There were a lot of Johorian around canberra as i’ve been told but most importantly they are welcoming another Malaysian to their home. CHEERS CANBERRA!!

Anak Johor Australia Canberra 1

Anak Johor Australia Canberra 2 Anak Johor Australia Canberra 3 Anak Johor Australia Canberra 4

Anak Johor Australia Canberra 5

#anakjohor, #malcanberra, #HighComissionofMalaysia, #Australia, #great, #Malaysian, #Hospitality, #LaksaJohor

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