Anak Kelantan bertemu Anak Johor di Australia: Iamalaysian :)

“Ana masuk Islamic School of Canberra, next year nak khatam Quran. Saya nak masuk Tahfiz Tahun depan, kat Malaysia, duduk kat kampung, rindu kat kampung. Paling rindu nak makan burger-burger kampung, Ramlee rm 2 tu sedap. Sini takda budu…” . Jujur.. Such honest words from a 10 year old. Makes me realized that wherever we go around the world, we wouldn’t forget from where we are from.

“We are so much closer when we are apart, why won’t we when we are near.”

#anakjohor, #anakkelantan, #anakmalaysia, #canberra, #malcanberra, #iamalaysian, #anakbijak, #hadihussien, #AnasZamani

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