Stink Bean
Petai a.k.a Stinky Bean
Cili padi
Bird Chilies Cili Padi
Roasted Belachan
Roasted belachan so you wouldn’t kill another by trying to roast your own hahahha 😉
Lemon grass neatly in packet
Lemon grass neatly in packet

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” ~Ibn Battuta

A day in a life of a Malaysian Student in Sydney Australia. Farhan who originated from Kuantan Pahang is in his last semester pursuing his Master degree in Biotech. He’s living with two other housemates all hailing from Malaysia.  As any typical Malaysian, a tradition that wouldn’t be miss even if they are boys is, of course Malaysian cooking. So today Farhan took me to his usual grocery store to buy some necessary item to prepare a sumptuous weekend meal together. Well it is not really hard getting all the things we needed especially halal ones, There are also special oriental Asian spices herbs and ingredient being sold here like stink bean, lemongrass, bird chilies, coconut milk, including the ever so famous “belachan” or shrimp paste. Well they really can cook and the ingredients were very fresh.

He really can cook!
He really can cook!

Will continue updating you guys with their other activities …now my stomach is grumbling seeing and smelling the cooking. He really can cook. Jemput Tengok

So Good Mak mertua lalu pun tak perasan
Makanan terbaik....Great food
Makanan terbaik….Great food

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