“Rela lan legawa lair Trusing batin” from Sedulur Anak Jawa in Sydney Australia : Iamalaysian

“Paling enak hyo signature dish nyo Satay :)…..jowo tetap jowo”

His name is Samsudin bin Yunus, better known over here as Abang SAM. He works as a chef at the Malaysia Hall Sydney. Originally hail from Kapar Klang Selangor, this man has devoted 34 years of his life cooking for other Malaysian in Sydney. Far off from the ugly obscure cook portrayed at colleges canteens in TV sitcom, this 65 years old humble jovial grandfather is looking at his task not only at just feeding the hungry students he eagerly welcome year by year, but more to an obligation in cooking for those that he treats like his own children. A Javanese descent true by heart, he also has never forgotten from where and who he is and welcomes any Malaysian especially “Anak Jawa” that happens to be in Sydney, to come and meet him at Malaysia Hall as he is almost always there … an unsung hero, Anak  jawa in Australia.  Bathok Bolu Isi Madu.

“When I travel to foreign countries, I thought I would meet foreign people and yet I meet families more than I meet none”


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