Sea of Shark!!! Not for the faint-hearted.

Mana satu nak try dulu ek? Jangan kata abang tak payung 🙂

You’ve been forewarned!!!. Today I had the opportunity to visit the shark helmet headquarters and warehouse in Sydney. Talk about helmet! WOW one word HUGE, it’s a sea of SHARK hahaha. You name it, they have it. All design,model and sizes, well racers enthusiast will be salivating. With 25 years of experience and being founded by former racers, this French brand has definitely become one of the Leaders within the Helmet world. As a rider I always told others how important it is to choose the right riding gear and for safety reasons, among others, choosing the right helmet for the right riding style could really save your life.

Look how tiny those men…they are surrounded by SHARK’S!! Lucky them

I met up with Dave, shark helmet representative in Sydney to show me around and walla, I was totally stunned, I roughly calculated that even if I were to test one helmet per day, it would literally take me more than a decade to try it all, not that i would mind. Making things more interesting this is not the only outlet here..they have it in other towns too.

2015-11-17 21.47.02
Dave and Me…dia kata Johor hebat

oklahh, enough about shark helmet. My advice is go get one and ride with it. You will feel the difference and won’t be disappointed and you can rest assure this SHARK won’t bite your head off ;), maybe poke a hole in your pocket but for something this great, I won’t mind. Would you?! Owh, don’t forget the shark tooth.It’s the commucator for the helmet. It’s slim,clear sound and the battery can last long… belom try belom tau bohhh

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