Thousand apologies….

        To everyone I’ve met so far, to those I’ve interviewed, I am verry verry sorry…for no video updated or news.This is not an excuse but i am aware that I’m late with updating and uploading the ride stories. Please bear with me and be patient. Slowly i will update when conditions permits. Not only there would be no updates on interview and stories but also gimme me bit of time. Super thanks to all Malaysian and Australian along the way that has been great and supportive, there are soo many I may forget to mention each one but I am deeply in debt, trust me. Our commission in Melbourne, Melaka family Mr Teh, My instant family in Canberra….super best and kaki layan, thank  you guys..good food…Farhan and Aiman.. our student in Sydney… Calon menantu mithali..hahaha..welcome home guys for cuti. Abang Ali di brisbane for being a great host and all our students there. Students in Wollongong, little and big brother :), your nasi lemak thank you…And those I fail to mention, please don’t get dishearten…Thank you Thank you Thank you. Will have 10 hours of ride tomorrow and it will be another super hot day. Good nite all.


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