Touchdown Mt Isa…I’m one HOT rider


Bismillah …I’ve safely reach Mt Isa after three (3) consecutive days on the hot tundra road. All in all it was around 1700 km route from my last stop in Brisbane. The temperature around these areas are not forgiving sometimes with heat at noon skyrocketing up to 52-53 Celsius, making it very difficult for me to shoot any pictures. Even in the shades the temperature is around 45 Celsius. Along the way I see lots of animals died near the roadside because of thirst and some are victims of roadkill. Maybe they are force to come out in search of water due to the heat and some got hit. Things got worse when I could see carcass of dead animals for every 10-15 meters during the ride. This continues for some 500-600 km stretch down the road. The nights are as unforgiving with temperature around 43 Celsius. From windy rainy road, to hot blazing tundra, the temperamental roads of Australia is definitely one of a kind. Will try to reorganize my things quickly and update on stories.

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