Touchdown Alice Spring- The Outback Town

I’ve finally set foot at the tropic of Capricorn the Red Center and being welcome by the kakalyalya :). It was another long hot ride (500+-km) from Tennant Creek. Except for a brief of rain along the way the rest of the journey through the central of Australia is dry and quiet. The view is majestic tho the vast stretch of nothingness plus heat can be quite challenging, especially considering the long distance from one town to another and temperamental extreme weather. You need to prepare yourself physically and mentally cause it’s either you and your bike make it or break.Well I am travelling during summer. The first thing I notice was the birds. There are so many of them flying freely around you, they call it the backyard bird here. Birdwatchers should love this. I could see  many Galah Cockatoo bird, it maybe also known as the Pink cockatoo Leadbeater’s or Roseate cockatoo.

#johor #anakjohor #adventurerider #adv #demak #nt #alicesprings #tropicofcapricorn #australia

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