On the Bike….The journey continues

On the bike?!


It’s been quite awhile me being here in Alice Springs. The local old people say, if you could witness the Todd River full of water or in flood for more than three times, then he shall stay here forever. Up until now, I’ve manage to witness it twice. Well one thing for sure, before I could see it for the third time, I might as well start riding…soon hahaha

The really wet season has ended here and the flood has subsided at most places. Over here even the slightest rain, will increase the water level. The dessert town was not design with well structured drainage system.  And because of that reason, the flood here aren’t exactly the same as ours too, the water will become stagnant for some time. The road here is usually one, meaning only one road coming in and out of a town or place. So if you were to ride and unfortunately it floods in front of you, well you better stay put. If you are lucky it will be over within an hour or two but if lady luck is not smiling at you, you might end up being stranded for the day. If you attempt to turn back, things might get worst if the road at the back is also flooded. Then you really are sandwich in between. Big lorries can pass but not small vehicles, definitely not my small bike. It’s powerful yes, but not underwater proof.

My bike is in tip top condition. Alhamdulillah, I’ve done service for it, change the front and rear tires and ready for the journey home. I’m now heading up south. From Alice Spring I’ll be heading to Cooper Pady. I’ve manage to snap a shoot at the south border before continuing my ride. In a day I think me covering 500km would be good enough. I stop for camping at a small town called Marla, alone by myself in the dessert. Well it isn’t that warm at night.


Ok,that’s about it and tomorrow I will be heading to Cooper Pady…a dessert Town, so far away in the nothingness. Sure will be hot

To be continue

Bila nak gerak?

Ye la kan …dah lama jugak aku melepak kata Alice springs ni. Kata orang tua-tua kat sini.. Kalau orang tu dapat nengok sungai Todd ni banjir dan ada air lebih dari 3 kali..maka dia akan menetap kat sini. Setakat ni aku baru je dapat nengok dua kali. Jadi sebelum aku ngk buat kali yang ketiga. Baik aku start ride balik hahaha.

Musim hujan lebat tak hengat dah pun berhenti dan air dah mula surut. Ye lahh. Kat sini hujan dia sekejap pun air dah naik. Padang pasir ni dia kurang dari segi perparitan. Dan banjir dia bukan macam kita di sini. Dia akan bertakung. Jadi kalau kita ride..dan banjir kat depan.jalan ada satu je. Nasib baik dia surut lah dalam sejam dua. Nasib tak baik …adalah setengah hari huhuhu. Nak patah balik takut jalan kat belakang pulak banjir. Melekat kat tengah sensorang. Lori besar boleh lah lepas. Kita motor kecik jaaa

 Motor aku dah tip top. Alhamdulillah dah servis, tayar dah tuka, dah ready nak jalan balik. Ini kali aku menuju ke selatan. Dari Alice springs aku menuju ka Coober Pady. Sempat la singgah di sempadan negeri..posing skit dan meneruskan perjalanan. Sehari aku lajak 500 km dah kira ok. Singgah tido kemah kat  pekan Marla. Aku sensorang layan camping. Malam tak berapa panas,ok la..

Esok pepagi aku sambung ke pekan Coober pady. Pekan padang pasir. Sayupppp…jauhhhhhh. Panassss


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