Happy new Year Everybody

As the story goes…it’s just hours until the count down for this last day in 2015

2016 I’ll be back on the bike

Just to share and wish Happy New Year to all my readers and followers of this humble ride of mine

My wish is

Happy New Year,

Happy New Year everybody, ride safe and make sure your motorbike is complete with road tax, you have a legitimate license and follow all the rules and regulations. There’s a lot of roadblock as usual every year at this time. If you have missed a few of the things I mentioned above, better stay at home tonight and this coming holiday. If not you might ended up with some new paper gifts for New Year from the police, if you know what I mean.

The End

Khoda Hafez


Alkisah…2015 pon dah tinggal sikit…

2016 on the bike…

Saja ja nak share dan nak wish happy new year kepada semua pembaca dan pengfollow ride yang biasa-biasa ni

Dengan ucapan..

Selamat tahun baru, Bawak motor elok-elok,make sure motor complete, ada lesen dan ikut peraturan…banyak road block sekarang ni. Kalau tak cukup sifat…Duduk rumah ja lah malam ni dan cuti ni..Nanti sambut tahun baru dengan saman baru.


Khoda Hafez

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