Lenovo In'TER'national Warranty

Here I am in New Delhi. Sitting in my room, staring at this box called TV. It was quite sometimes since I last saw a tv.

This lovely room with air-condition is courtesy of Captain Vivek of New Delhi. An air-conditioned room, after riding under the hot sun (44°c to 48°c), is a luxury. Really kind and nice of Captain Vivek to offer a place for me to stay.

My day today was spent sitting and waiting. Made some calls, still trying to sort my laptop’s in’TER’national warranty. Tired of waiting,  I went to Captain Vivek’s office which is 3km away from the place I’m staying. But finding the office in New Delhi was never n easy task. Everyone I met on the road were either so eager to help without knowing where it is or just plain ignorant that they wouldn’t even blink or even turn and look at you.

At his office, Captain Vivek helped me made a call Lenovo. Same set of questions by Lenovo; why this, why that and how it got here. Even as a local, Captain Vivek couldn’t bear the waiting time. In the end, I was advised to go to nearest Lenovo office for them to have a look. That would be 24hrs after they gave me my reference number. Their office is very near, only about 50km away. Only 50km for them to have a look but then if they don’t have the parts, I can either wait or send it back home. If they do, I have to wait about 2 weeks to get it fixed. That’s the earliest, provided that I have the purchase slip, international warranty card from Lenovo Malaysia, photo ID and a whole bunch of documents that I don’t know what.

Hmm…nobody told me this, that I have to travel with my international warranty even when I have already registered it online. It’s either there’s something so wrong with Lenovo Malaysia’s system when I registered it or could be their India’s counterpart that could not capture it from Lenovo server. I don’t know why but Lenovo Malaysia DID NOT gave me an international warranty card.

Not gonna spent weeks here waiting for the laptop issue solved. I am here for THE RIDE. Lenovo Malaysia is selling me faulty stuff and not informing nor helping out on anything to get it sorted out. Anyway, Captain Vivek assigned one of his staff to assist me today. We went to Fed-Ex and shipped my laptop home. As I see it, that is the best way to sort this out the matter for now. What else can I do? I am so not going to carry around a faulty Lenovo that serve no purpose for the ride.

As I paid the bills for the shipment, I wonder when will I get it back. Is Lenovo Malaysia going to bear the cost for all the time lost or shipping with their so-called international warranty?

Frankly, I used IBM for years, I mean years in the field. It survived the war, earthquakes, floods, drops, hard and harsh condition. Never had a problem with it, not even once. Their after-sales service is good, call and ask for help, you got it. Lenovo Malaysia? It’s like looking into the eyes of Medusa, you will be cursed. That’s how bad their service is; ask for help and u shall be damned.

It’s not the product, it’s the attitude.

Am getting tired of this laptop thing and so I will be moving on with my ride tomorrow early in the morning. Am heading north, cooler and lower temperature.

Till later, have a good week people.

Sorry, no pics yet. Khodahafez.

15 thoughts on “Lenovo In'TER'national Warranty”

  1. i’m not racist, but that their culture , u have to accept it.
    it happen to malaysian’s indian here in malaysia, when something happen, all of them coming , asking why,why and why… so much talking without any result. am i right?
    for malay, when the other malay make something difference , their start arguing and complaint a lot.. why not give a motivation instead of depreciation? that our trademark..

    for sure, after this another weird culture coming when u enter other countries.. afterall when arrive in UK, their ‘funny talking’ culture will make u laugh at all times.

    for laptop, the after sales departmet quiet bad.
    when there a warraty, better study the term&condition is it international/regional/local to the specific product.
    note that not all product have he same warranty cover.


  2. Sucks….but why didn’t you bring the documents for the laptop? International warranty is a very complicated issue. Big companies normally have no problems honouring it, but well, Lenovo to me is still new.
    i got one and it is certainly not the IBM I used to bully ten years ago.


    1. u dont carry ur purchase resit around the world with u,dont u?
      i had claim mine on the 3rd day i got it.
      motherboard failure.
      replaced with a new 1.
      isnt that a way that i am already registered with the warranty?


  3. bro, focus on your ride.
    u still can upload ur pic later
    but ur update is important. that’s it

    lenovo? say NO to lenovo
    next time try compaq or other brand.

    bak kata orang, nk bli tu kene baca bismillah
    baru dpt yg ok. hehe


  4. Bro,

    if you need urgent laptop for the rest of your journey, I can lend you my laptop – a hp laptop, with a new battery plus 2 extended battery that you can swapped around , so it can last another 10-12 hours without charging.

    The laptop model is 6400, and installed with latest ubuntu 10.4, fully working. (easy to use non-windows OS when travelling, save you the hassle having to prove the OS license at custom)

    I would suggest to save money and time to upload photo – you can use blackberry, and get a new simkad, everytime u enter new country – so you will be charge a minimum for blackberry services.

    do email me at – morpheuzneo [at] yahoo [dot]com if you really need a quick solution. leave your lenovo in malaysia until you return back.


  5. am in malaysia.

    if needed, you can take the laptop from me and courier it to the next destination that bro hadi will head to. i have read from other adventurer rider experience that carrying a laptop on travel need a bit careful on shock and vibration. sometimes if you’re techie.. it’s just a cable that got loose due to vibration and the frequent incident while biking with laptop is harddisk connection got disconnected. just open the casing and press all cable to ensure all in it’s proper place back.

    the best laptop to carrie during travel? – Eeepc netbook with SSD hard disk. it’s very light, the hard disk have non-moving part and battery last a hell long time! 10 – 15 hours on standard battery.


    1. thanks again for the advise.
      the lappie is wrapped in t shirt in my laptop bag.
      it died on my 3rd day i bought it.
      this time it is alive
      just the display.
      went to lenovo tech ctr in agra n was told it hardware failure.
      nothing to do with vibration or shock.
      this lappy comes with locked vibrate hd.
      i used ibm and sony before.
      went to hardest place on earth bro.
      not this kinda of failure
      thanks again.
      i know those small lappie wont fail
      but they cant edit hd


  6. the problem with lenovo is because now it is owned by a china company. so it is not under ibm anymore.

    u would be better off with hp compaq business series.
    better quality and after sales and services.


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