Its time to give


My last report and updates was about Efes or Ephesus and from there, I rode down south to Bodrum. Stayed there for few days to rest and planning for my next stop.

Situations in Pakistan is not getting better. Flood is getting worst and they requested for help. Well…..its time to go to work, people.

Contacted our mission in Ankara and I was welcomed. Rode up 730km in a single day, lost count of the hours on the road but it was from sunrise to sunset. Going an average of 60 to 70kmh. You guys do the math and let me get my butt hardened.

Reached there, story short, had iftar with our DA and other Malaysian bikers on a bigger cc bikes. And you know what…sambal udang petai was waiting for me! Col Abu Sufian Ahmad and family hosted the iftar at their house. It was a bit complicated to ride in this big city, Col Sufian had to pick me up.

2nd night, I had my iftar with Zahiruddin and Sufian family at a local restaurant. Another feast for me.

Got my Pakistan visa with the help of Malaysian mission there. Seriously…. Zahiruddin and Sufian has done a superb job. Wish  to have more people like them in our embassy abroad. Very helpful and supportive. Paperwork done, got my visa and 730km ride down again to Bodrum to catch my ferry to Greece. 24 hours on a ferry, cheap seat. It was like sitting on a  balik kampung raya bus for a long ride. OK ….cant afford a sleeping cabin.

Here i am in Athens ,Greece; backpackers dorm. Feels like I am back again to my old skool hostel life. Dejavu. After weeks of on the road camping most of the time in turkey. Sleeping on a bed with matress and clean sheet does feels like a luxury. Greece….beautiful country with wonderful islands. But you guys have to wait for the pictures because I am not going anywhere yet.

Lil G is parked safe, bags packed and I am all set to go. Wish me luck and all the prayers. Pakistan….here I come.

Khoda Hafez

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