So you want to be an Adventure rider?

Since Anita came back from her “Stans” countries ride…many bikers have open up their minds and planning to do so on their own.

some would say …alaaa “ada duit,ada cuti boleh la bikin”
“you have money and time sure can do”

is it all about money and time?

there are many factors involved.
not just money and time

Qoute from Anita FB wall..

“siapa2 pun boleh buat…asalkan ada cuti dan wang”

My Central Asia “STANS” Solo Ride…
Baru balik few days, dah mcm2 cerita aku dengar…and more coming, I know…

Asalkan ada cuti dan wang?

No need guts to ride solo?
No need internet @ information search skill?
No need to learn the ppl’s basic phrases?
No need to study their alphabet?
No need to learn map reading?
Compass reading skill?
Camping knowledge?
Writing formal letter skill?
Visa requirements?
Letter of invitation? Support letter? Cover letter?
Dealing with embassy skill?
Proper way to talk to diplomats?
Border crossing knowledge?
Cargo @ freight @ shipping procedure knowledge?
Customs, seasons forwarding, vehicle letter of obligation?
Flight ticket?
Where to stay?
Where @ what to eat?
Periodical maintenance?
Local contact?
Fuel supply @ locator?
Fuel price?
Money changers?
Road condition? Terrain?
Duration of travel?
Speed limit?
Altitude mountain sickness?
Proper attire?
The country do’s and dont’s
How to deal with corrupt authorities skill?
Regsitration with OVIR?
OVIR offices location?
GPS knowledge?
Navigating skill?
Permit to enter spesific region?

And most importantly….
No need survival intelligence?”

this is just a small list,or check list that she wrote..
actually there is a lot more.
The real thing thats happpening now is…
most of the big it male of female riders has been asking her for all those info and details.
for free of course.
GPS coordinate,contacts,phone numbers,plotting and the list goes on.
Well..with just the info and details from another rider that has done it..would it make your ride to the same place easier without knowing what to expect? you know how to fix a flat tyre?
change your bulp?
clean your air filter?
can you pick up your super expensive bike if you drop it?
back up plan?
Exit plan?
and my own long list of check list before i venture into another ride..

So guys,girls,makcik,pakcik,abang,kakak,adik…
if you really want to go out there..
riding solo,in small group into the unknown…
make sure u know what u are doing and be prepared.
if you dont,
just hire a guide that would do everything for you.
there is a few from europe countries that provide this services
super expensive of course…
Nothing in life is for free lah…

i have always been told by the elderly ever since i was a kid…
“mau free kencing tepi jalan lah”
toilet pon bayar lah skarang…


4 thoughts on “So you want to be an Adventure rider?”

  1. Lots of reason why I’m still chose not be adventurer rider unless all the above mentioned has been taken inyo account and this are not just tips but it’s for the sake of safety and security. Beside that this will ease your families worries when we’re in conflicting with any obligations and obstacles abroad. Thanks Hadi


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